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Other sites you might want a look at...

>Featured Site<
Zine Wiki: Add your zine or find someone else's

>Synthesis pages<
When Straight Edge walked the Earth: anti-drinking propaganda from a feminist perspective
Cuando el Straight Edge habitaba la Tierra: the above article translated into Spanish by Jose
lIm Zeitalter des Straightedge: the above article translated into German by Alva
Are you a rapist?: a flyer to copy/adapt and distribute
Fight Like A Girl: Feminist Direct Action!
Feminist London : luscious links list
xdot cottonx: The archive of the gigs I used to put on in London.
Vegan Recipes: Some of my favourites including the best ever chocolate cake recipe.

Women of Afghanistan: Feminists resisting repression and war in Afghanistan.
Sister Zeus: DIY wimmins health
The F Word: uk feminist site with articles, zine reviews and more for you to contribute to. I've done the odd film review on here.

>Local Alternatives<
Eroding Empire: The best guide I know of to punk & politics in the UK.
Pogo Cafe: London's own fairtrade, organic, vegan, co-operative cafe
Active Distribution: The huge diy punk & anarchist distro.
Emma's Club: London's currently DEFUNCT anarchist punk collective.
Greenwich Cyclists: Very active local bicycle group. The site has some good cycling links.
The Bookfair: London's annual Anarchist Bookfair

>Other Alternatives<
Protest.net: All the activism in the world and in your neighbourhood - list your action here!
One World: Everything you could need to know about human rights, and other essential info.
CrimethInc: links to bands like Catharsis and zines like Inside Front and Harbinger
Tilt! : diy hc zine and distro from Belgium
Infoshop.org: Superb resource
Vegan Village: lots of stuff for the milk-free youth
The Vegan Society UK: with info on vegan products and more
Corporate Watch:the watchdog on the web
Feed a dog: Click a button and the sponsors will donate to this dog rescue in South Africa

>Alternative Media<
Indymedia: Where I find out what is happening in the world - this is the UK site
SchNews: Probably the best weekly newsletter in the world; certainly the wittiest

Six Months That Changed A Year: in March 2002 the Observer newspaper included Chris Morris's ace take on 11th September and 'Operation Improving Bloodbath'.