AM I A RAPIST? As men, we need to realise our responsibility for rape. We need to ask ourselves if we have in any way been rapists given other men permission to rape, or helped to create a climate where rape is accepted.

> Have I ever used physical force to have sex with my partner,wife or date? > Have I ever used physical force to have sex? > Have I ever used intimidation (unspoken threat implied by size, strength, status) to have sex? > Have I used a position of power or financial advantage to have sex? > Have I taken advantage of someone sexually (such as having sex with someone who was drunk and was not aware? > Have I not listened to a woman saying NO and badgered her to say yes to my sexual advances? > Have I been physically sexual with someone (such as pinching, patting, touching or pressing against a stranger) in an unexpected or unwelcome way? > Have I been verbally sexual with someone (such as making sexual remarks or whistling to a stranger) in an unexpected or unwelcome way? > Have I condoned rape by telling or laughing at rape jokes? > Have I condoned rape by seeing it as entertainment in movies or TV? > Have I talked, thought, or fantasised about rape as a sexual act rather than as an act of violence? > Have I encouraged men in doing any of the above (such as by laughing or remaining silent)? Most men answer yes to some of these questions. What can we do to stop these things from occurring? 1. We can acknowledge our actions and accept legal responsibility for them. 2. Show this flyer to men and ask them to answer the above questions. 3. Help support the work of agencies, groups and individuals working to help stop violence against women. 4. Join with other men to end violence against women 5. Strive to be clear in our daily personal and public lives that rape is an act of violence, not a sexual act.

The Victim Of Rape Is Never Responsible For What Has Happened. The Rapist Is Wholly Responsible For His Own Actions.
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