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***punk rock feminist milliennial angst***

I do this zine called Synthesis which will either prop up views you already have or piss you off.

review of Synthesis 5 from the F-Word.org.uk website



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issue 5 is sold out ! Here is what was in it:

56 pages in English b/w printed half size on recycled paper with a card cover.

SCENE REPORTS on Brighton and UruguayARTICLES on the genetic modification debate in Britain and urban gentrificationALSO censored news reports and body imageLISTINGS of cool distros, hc notices and animal-derived additivesRANTS on animal rights, emo, and gender politicsINTERVIEWS with the SchNEWS newsletter, GAndALF defendant Saxon Wood, god and Brazilian feminist punk band DominatrixREVIEWS of books, zines, music and hardcore festivalsSURVEYS on human nature and worldwide punkDIY cooking


other stuff

UK/ Europe/ Developing World/ Developed World
1 copy trade/£1/$2/$2.50/$3.50
5 copies £4/ $9/ $7/ $12
10 Copies £8/ $16/ $12/ $23


Back Issues:

Links updated at last. I am still wrestling with some of the html, as you will notice.

Wow, looking back at a lot of these articles now I hardly recognise myself. I hope you get something out of them though.

articles from Synthesis 3

articles from Synthesis 4

articles from Synthesis 5