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On this site you will find info about me, my zine and my distro. You can find various articles by me and resources including great vegan recipes and feminist polemics. There are also links for sites I think are interesting/useful.

If you are a friend, please check that you have my most current email address here.

No new Synthesis zine, but you can read regular rants at my blog. I am on all those crappy networking websites as well.

Broken zine is online and available from the distro.

Synthesis Podcasts - Follow this link to subscribe/ download.

I survived double seven and all I got was this lousy Olympics,




MY PO BOX IS CLOSED. To send post to me, email for the address!


I've set up a Facebook page for Synthesis. You can 'like' it or whatever.


Sober Living for the Revolution is out now and in my distro! In other news, Central London now has it's own vegan boutique/coffee shop/hangout place so if you're in London check it out: Vx.


I've written a chapter for the forthcoming book Sober Living for the Revolution, about poltical straightedge. It's published by PM Press, downloadable and I will have copies in my distro in March 2010.


The distro list has been updated.


The distro list has been updated.

In May I'll be at Noc Walpurgii in Warsaw and then travelling around Central Europe a bit. Get in touch if you can put up my friend and me for a couple of nights.


The distro list has been updated and Doris has been added to this page <<<<<


Back from Buenos Aires where we saw in the new year with Maria Florencia. Sad to report I didn't get Synthesis 6 ready in time, so my South American adventures will probably now be chronicled there as well.

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