Last updated 7 August 2007
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Synthesis Distro presents:

>>>Broken zine

a hardcore zine about relationships ending

Broken has contributions from hardcore folks from around the world writing about their experiences of break-ups.

You can download Broken to print and distribute yourself and you can read it online (thanks to Rudy for technical support in making this possible!).

Synthesis Distro is now distributing print copies of Broken.



Instructions for printing Broken>>>

Broken is in A5 long format so should be printed on A3 size paper or shrunk to A6 long on A4 paper. The page links below are print-ready in booklet format with 32 pages including front & back cover. This adds up to 4 sheets of double-sided A3 per zine. I hope this makes sense!

Feel free to sell/give away Broken in your distro. I ask that it be sold as a benefit to the Samaritans charity (details in the zine) or the equivalent in your own country.




Laura * PO Box 23272 * London, SE14 6XD * UK* email me!