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If you have a diy (non-commercial hardcore) zine, I might be able to distro it for you. I prefer zines to come from a poison-free perspective and of course a strongly feminist bias is great too. Send me one copy first please! I can take between 5 and 20 copies and prefer to make at least partial trades.There are no back issues of Synthesis zine, but you can find most articles from previous issues on the Synthesis zine page.


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>Synthesis is a non - profit, diy hardcore distro<

Current List - 2012

Some new stuff has come in! Get in touch if you want to trade your zine for copies of Broken.

prices postpaid in UK//Europe

My PayPal account is lauraDOTsynthesis(at)gmailDOTcom


BROKEN 1 .80p / ppd £1//€2/$2/ BULK RATE: .60p each for 3 or more. Sold as a benefit for the Samaritans. You can read Broken af this page.

FORTUNES OF THE SEA-SICK 1 £1p/ppd £1.40//€2.40/$3
Personal zine with poems, reflections on life, a review of a cafe in South London, reviews of biscuits...that kind of thing.

GIVE ME BACK 1 & 3 ppd .80//€2/$2
It's that new post-HeartattaCk zine and has very similar format and content so of course it's worth reading. I expect to be distributing this from now on. Their website is here.

MOMENTS OF STRUGGLE - An Illustrated Introduction to Some Anarchist History .20p/ppd .60p//€1/$1
Great little pocket-sized comic by Isy Morgenmuffel. Includes the Russian Revolution & Spanish Civil War.

MORGENMUFFEL 15 .60p/ppd .£1//€2/$2
This one is about Isy's summer adventures which are many. Like me, she's been taking proper holidays (in addition to the catering at activist festivals she usually does) and discovered Wainwright for the first time on a visit to the Lake District. I'm not surprised his stuff would appeal to her. I like it too. She's also been to Cornwall & Latvia the latter of which sounded less appealing. I need to be reminded that in other parts of the world, nazis at gigs is the norm. Updates about the Cowley Club were interesting - the zine starts with an illustrated page on the ace free skool they've got going. There is a familiarly depressing section on the current situation of Brighton's Cowley Club social centre which is struggling in many ways and has faced everything from volunteer theft to attacks by teenagers and financial difficulties.

MORGENMUFFEL 16 .80p/ppd .£1//€2/$2
The Anarchist Teapot caters at the G8 in Rostock and the climate change protest camp at Heathrow. It's the details that are particularly fun in this issue - like the e-coli mascot they have hanging from the rear-view mirror of their catering van.

MORGENMUFFEL 17 .60p/ppd .£90//€1.50/$2
Climate Camp '08, a trip to the USA & more.

RE/FUSE 5 ppd .£1//€2/$2
Yes, a new issue of the beautifully designed and packed hardcore music paper for Europe. Looks like this is a reflective issue. More to come when I manage to read it properly.

WATERFIGHT 4 .50p / ppd .80p//€1.50/$2
Beautiful autobiographical zine by an Israeli vegan guy who came to London after a breakup.

WATERFIGHT 5 .50p / ppd .80p//€1.50/$2
Awesome critique of the contemporary animal rights movement and a suggestion for ways forward in making our activism more effective.

The drawing on the cover tells you that Isy Morgenmuffel is a contributor. This has several contributors from The F Word website's Catherine Redfern to Arika, who was one of my own feminist self defence teachers. The zine includes personal stories, statistics and illustrated guides to a few defensive moves. A great read and happily future issues will also be produced.


DO IT YOURSELF £7 ppd .£8//€11/$15
(UK) 'A handbook for changing our world' the Trapese Collective. Essays and guides to everything from setting up a community garden to a social centre.

SchQUALL £4 ppd .£5//€7/$7
(UK) Collection of the best of Schnews & Squall up to the year 2000.

SHUT THEM DOWN! £4 ppd .£5//€7/$7
(UK) Subtitled, 'The G8, Gleneagles 2005 and The Movement of Movements', this is a bang up-to-date thick book with lotsa pics and stuff.

SOBER LIVING FOR THE REVOLUTION ppd £13//£15 Europe /Contact for outside Europe prices
A landmark book for the straightedge scene, documenting radical political straightedge with contributions from and interviews with lots of influential folks like Ian MacKaye and myself! Full details at the PM Press website.

>Other Free Stuff<

(UK) This is from the Cycle Touring Campaign. A nice-looking glossy 6-page guide covering the basics like lubrication, puncture repair and adjusting brakes & gears.

>Free Vegan Sex Stuff<
I know, you had no idea that condoms weren’t vegan right? Well it turns out that latex is a milk product but a couple of companies don't use the stuff. These are the best vegan condoms around.