London DIY Gigs

the XDot CottonX grrrls crew is no longer putting on gigs!! A gig collective may now be forming to put on diy gigs in the capital but in the mean time don't contact me (Laura) about putting on your band because I'm knackered! : Here is an archive of some previous gigs.

To find out about lots of good diy/radical/underground stuff
in London, the best place to look is Eroding Empire: this is
an excellent resource!!! DIY guide to events and other stuff
in London and worldwide.

To submit listings to Eroding Empire email

Also for gigs and other stuff you might have a look at these...

- londonpunks - punk gig/animal rights
- fracture zine site
- HHN gigs
- guilfin party/festival news
- everything anarcho
- schnews for activist/party info
- queeruption radical queer site
-londonfreelist free things to do
- squat info